Sunday, September 4, 2016

Conifer taxonomy - Part 2

Continuation of this post.

I got an answer quite quickly (but after posting the previous post):

The Plant List marks what species are in what genus and family, and groups families in Major Groups, e.g. gymnosperms. It also marks synonyms. With a list of conifer species and the ContentMine output, I can determine which species are not conifers, and find how they interact with each other. Now I only have a list of species and genera, without any context.

The site does not really answer the question we asked in the previous post, of how families are grouped inside the gymnosperm group, but I seem to have been mistaken on that part anyway. The page about gymnosperms does have some different ideas over how families are divided, but the Pinophyta page does not state that it isn't part of the gymnosperms. It just says it with different words. It seems to say that it is part of one of gymnosperms and angiosperms, not the group containing both.

Pine (own photo)

Anyway, that is not really important. I now have the information I want, on how species are grouped in genera and families. That is what I need, at least for now. I don't have to focus on things outside the conifer families, so I do not think I really have to know how they are divided. This concludes our quest for data for now, see my other blog posts for progress with the project.

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