Sunday, March 26, 2017

Citation.js: BibJSON

Citation.js now supports BibJSON. How I did that without actually updating Citation.js? Well, apparently I supported it all along. I've supported the quickscrape output format since July last year, and that turned out to be BibJSON. How convenient. I'll update the demo and docs to reflect this revelation (currently it just says "quickscrape's JSON scheme"), and, now that I can find actual documentation, some improvements to the parser. It's a good candidate for a new output format too.

Some side notes on updates v0.3.0-0 to v0.3.0-2: these are prerelease updates, making it possible to use code before I have fixed all the issues and added all the features I promised for version 0.3. These updates fixed a lot of file organization problems; next updates will restructure the Cite object and fix tests.