Monday, September 26, 2016

Citation.js on the Command Line

Last week I made Citation.js usable for the command line, with Node.js. First of all, the main file determines if it is being run with Node.js or in the browser, and switches to Browser or Nodejs mode based on that. This way, it knows when to use methods like document.createElement('p') and XMLHttpRequest and when not to.

Secondly, I created node.Citation.js. It is a file specialised for Node.js that loads Citation.js as a package and feeds it command line arguments. It, of course, also saves the output to some specified file. This way, you can easily process lots of files just once as well, instead of having to make some sort of I/O system in your browser. Now you can, for example, transform a list of Wikidata URLs or Q-numbers to a large BibTeX-file. Currently, the input list needs to be JSON (although a single URL will work), but that is being worked on. The parser for Wikidata properties (on my side) is being extended as well.

Overview of the use of node.Citation.js

That's about it. I'll add some better bypasses for browser-native methods in Nodejs mode and expand node.Citation.js to be able to process more input formats.