Friday, March 26, 2021

GitHub pages 404 redirection

Recently I moved the Citation.js API documentation from /api to /api/0.3, to put the new documentation on /api/0.5. I fixed all the links to the documentation, but I still got a issue request regarding a 404 error after just a few days. All in all, I had to redirect pages from /api/* to /api/0.3/* while all these pages are hosted as static files on GitHub Pages.

There are three ways I found to do this:

  1. I make otherwise empty HTML files in /api/* that redirect to /api/0.3/* via JavaScript or a <meta> tag.
  2. I make use of jekyll-redirect-from. This is equivalent to option 1, I think.

Option 1 seemed like a hassle and I do not use Jekyll so option 2 seemed out of the question as well. However, we still have option 3 to consider:

  1. I add a 404.html to the repository which gets served automatically on a 404. It then redirects to /api/0.3/* with JavaScript, and gives guidance on how to find the new URL manually if JavaScript is disabled.

404.html is just a normal 404 page with 4 lines of JavaScript:

var docsPattern = /(\/api)(\/(?!0.[35]\/)|$)/  
if (docsPattern.test(location.pathname)) {  
    location.pathname = location.pathname.replace(docsPattern, '$1/0.3$2')  

Breaking down the RegExp pattern:

  • (\/api) matches “/api” in the URL
  • (\/(?!0.[35]\/)|$) matches one of two things, immediately after “/api”
    • Either $, the end of the string (like “” without the trailing slash)
    • Or \/(?!0.[35]\/), which matches a forward slash ("/api/") followed by anything except “0.3” or “0.5”. This is to avoid matching things like “/apical/” or “/api/0.3/does-not-exist”.

This is not the neatest solution but I like it conceptually. It shows a bit of potential for Single-Page Applications as well: you can serve the same HTML+JavaScript for every possible path without having to rely on URLs like The problem is that you still get the 404 HTTP status (as you should), so if a browser or search crawler decides to care you have a problem.

Try it out now:

The new "Page not Found" page in the same style as the homepage.

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