Sunday, August 27, 2017

Citation.js: Endpoint on RunKit

Citation.js: Endpoint on RunKit

A while back I tweeted about making a simple Citation.js API Endpoint with RunKit.

Using the Express app helper and some type-checking code:

const express = require('@runkit/runkit/express-endpoint/1.0.0')
const app = express(exports)
const Cite = require('citation-js@0.3.0')
const docs = ''

const validStyle = style => ['bibtxt', 'bibtex', 'csl', 'citation'].includes(style) || /^citation-\w+$/.test(style)
const validType = type => ['string', 'html', 'json'].includes(type)

const last = array => array[array.length - 1]

const getOptions = params => {
  const fragments = params.split('/')
  let data, style = 'csl', type = 'html'

  // parse fragments
  // (got pretty complex, as data can contain '/'s)

  return {data, style, type}

.get('/', (_, res) => res.redirect(docs))
.get('/*', ({params: {0: params}}, res) => {
  const {data, style, type} = getOptions(params)
  const cite = new Cite(data)
  const output = cite.get({style, type})

Full code here. Makes an API like this:



  • $CODE is the API id (vf2453q1d6s5 in this case),
  • $DATA is the input data (DOI, Wikidata ID, or even a BibTeX string),
  • $STYLE (optional) is the output style,
  • and $TYPE (optional) is the output type (basically plain text vs html).

This makes it possible to link to a lot of Citation.js outputs:

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