Saturday, April 29, 2017

New homepage design: New content, Material Design, Angularjs and more

My new homepage is finally finished (for now). I say finally, because it has taken a while before it actually felt done. You know how the first 90% of the work takes 90% of the time, but the last 10% of the work takes another 90% of the time? I just had to finish writing a single, small piece of text and it would be complete, but it took about 2 weeks. Anyway, that's all done now, and the result can be seen at


The design is based on the principles of Material Design using MDL, which is a CSS+JS framework for making Material Design sites. Most of the content is displayed with AngularJS, which uses runtime Pug-like HTML templating and more.

Extra content is added as well, including more projects and descriptions. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of my Twitter feed, as it didn't fit in the new design, but there are several sites to view my tweets, including Twitter and this exact site. Also, the old site (with my feed) is still available, and displays the new content as well:

There are some other things hidden here and there, some really obvious, some not. That's basically it. Hope you like it.

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