Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weekly Report 5: This is what pine literature looks like

(yes, three days late)

This week I wanted to catch up on all the things that had happened while I was on holiday. I have finished my introductory blogpost on ContentMine's blog, and I made this blog and transferred all the weekly reports from the GitHub Wiki to here.

Next week will be more interesting. Firstly, I will publish a blogpost containing a short analysis about the article I mentioned in an earlier blog, namely Activation of defence pathways in Scots pine bark after feeding by pine weevil (Hylobius abietis). There I'll talk about this article as an example on how similar articles could be used to extract data, and create a network of facts.

Large Pine Weevil (Hylobius abietis), mentioned in the article (source)

Secondly, I will make a small program that visualises data outputted by the ContentMine pipeline. This will basically be a small version of the program to make the database, omitting the most important and difficult part, finding relations between facts. This is mainly to test the infrastructure and see what things need to be improved before starting to build the big program.

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